One Island One Solar

One Island One Solar is a non-profit organization founded in Munich that aims for combining both social support and clean energy in the Philippines!



We are aiming to provide one solar system for each island in the Philippines, in order to give access to power to people either at all or to replace fuel generators with clean energy. This is means supporting each and every island to participate in education and business life as well as supporting the Philippines all together to get access to sustainable, clean energy and avoid future damage of the environment.


Since 2015 we are working on bringing together sponsors from the western world, interested in sponsoring seed capital for projects that will give local people in the Philippines electricity and the possibility for Philippinas and Philippinos to participate better in education and overall business life.


There areas in the Philippines that have no access yet to any stable source of power with constant, strong power supply and therefore it can be an advantage to install an autonomous power generator that solely relies on sun, a source of power that is rather reliable even or especially in Sout East Asia with its vast archipelagos.


Other areas are fully included in a grid that provides energy from power generating sources, of which few are sustainable sources. Often energy available for the public is not generated from sustainable or renewable sources, therefore it can be an advantage to create an alternative green source of energy that is equally priced, if not even cheaper for end-users.



Being born and raised in Germany means to be privileged in many aspects, in a very interesting way we are especially privileged in growing up in a society that is fully aware and using all types of alternative energy sources. In the south of Germany most private households contribute electricity to the public grid via solar panels on their own roof; alternatively private households use solar panels to provide warm water and heating. In the north of Germany, on land as well as offshore there are huge wind parks that profit from regional strong winds that generate electricity as input for the public power grid.



Why the Philippines? Because it is paradise & both founders share a strong passion for South East Asia, having spent quite a bit of time in this part of the world. And as we appreciate people, nature and life in the Philippines we thought it only to be fair to support such a great and beautiful country in keeping their balance and close relation with nature without missing out on western comfort that finds its way slowly but surely even to the last island anyways.



Please join us in our mission!


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